• October 13, 2017

10 Ways Donald Trump Has Changed The World

Donald Trump has had a huge impact on not just American Politics since his Inaguration, but on the entire world stage. From Twitter politics to that business with North Korea, here’s 10 Ways Donald Trump has changed the world.

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10 thoughts on “10 Ways Donald Trump Has Changed The World

  1. At least they only fired the high ranking officials instead of “offing” them like N. Korea did. lmao. Everyone that hates D. Trump don’t even know why they hate him & wanted him gone before he even arrived almost as if they could tell the future.

    Who knows, he could have ended up being the best Potus ever & actually improve the country but obviously the sheeple don’t want to see that happen for whatever reason & this is coming from a black guy.

    All I’m saying is give the weird guy a chance. No ones perfect & half of these trump haters are no better than him & I guarantee have done worse things than he has done.

    Hypocrisy is ruining our lifestyle as we know it. People protest “love trumps hate” but abort babies like it’s just fine & dandy then use the excuse “it’s my body”. That may be the case, but does it make it right?

  2. Well, having scrolled through the comments, it seems both sides have near totally given up on mediating. I hate much of what Trump does, but i can admit he has done some good. Hilary would likely have been much the same- though from my stance, I’d likely have seen it as more good than bad. It would be the rational, calm, and friendly people on the republican side who would be where i am now, disappointed in the nation not just for their choice, but for the response of the populace. My comment means nothing in the grand scheme, but please, can we be civil? Lets not pretend Trump is flawless, but also admit that he could do some good.
    Assuming tensions don’t escalate, resulting in the US destroying itself or being nuked from all sides, starting the final war. My hopes for avoiding these are sadly quite low at the moment. Sigh…

  3. And if America would step down as leader of the free world, the UK would just assume it again. If not, then France.But if I hear Russia or China, fuck them.

  4. Oh please. Trump has corrupted the Republican party. It once had potential, that is until the rich took it over in the 1870s. Blame them for what is happening today. If they didn’t take it over, they would have been a great party. It’s ideas of limited government are tried and true. You want proof? Here it is: the British Empire. You want more proof? Gandhi said that the government who governs the least is the best, and he finds the British Empire has the best government.

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