• October 1, 2017

10 Ways North Korea Could Win WW3

Lets face it, if North Korea ever tried to go to war with the USA, things would not go well for them. But at Alltime10s, we’re all about what ifs, so we’ve broken down 10 ways that the worst could happen.

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10 thoughts on “10 Ways North Korea Could Win WW3

  1. It doesn’t really make sense. These scenarios are against USA only, but North-Korea would declare war on US, Japan and South-Korea could easily keep North-Korea distracted for enough time to let USA do it’s move to really cripple North-Korea. Not to mention China and Russia aren’t very happy with North-Korea currently too.

  2. I believe they’ll win because I Russia and China won’t get involved. U.K. Are broke and America are a mess. People haven’t accept trump as their president and Kim Jong Un is building more nukes and has the advantage

  3. Guys why are you mad that he said how North Korea can win North Korea can’t win ww3 not matter what they do expect it they suck Russia and China dick that’s another story but alone there’s no chance of winning the ww3 so just relax guys

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