• September 22, 2017

10 Ways To Escape North Korea

Whether or not Trump decides to start bombing it into the ground, North Korea is probably somewhere you don’t want to be. From swimming across the ocean to sneaking out of labor camps, here are 10 Ways To Escape North Korea…

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15 thoughts on “10 Ways To Escape North Korea

    1. Cool story, except after your fourth swim lesson you’re in jail with the rest of your extended family. The time you should have spent on night classes for learning Juche, you spent on taking swimming lessons alone, which is a massive red flag.

      Suppose you can wait out the minimum of 5 years and you don’t arouse suspicion (by using all that training in friendly waters and frequently despise the outside world) there’s still the issue of the border guards, fishing trawlers, runaway mines and the currents. Also, not mentioned in the video, but getting permission to even get close to the border zone, a mission next to the impossible, especially for a single guy.

      The most feasible option is to actually want to serve as a border guard and when the time is right, kill your comrades and take on the treacherous waters. As for the cannibal plan (that wouldn’t work anyway, it’d only draw in the military), the South Koreans are not stupid, the NSI conducts cognitive deep interviews with every refugee and they sort out signs of trauma brought on by external factors and those from within, like the psychopathy required to eat people and the massive surveillance would begin. If they’d find out you killed to cross over, they’re more than willing to escort you to the Bridge of No Return and exchange you for one of their spies or a foreigner.

    2. Alltime10s I would swim. That’s clearly the best option. 2.5 km isn’t all that much if you’re a good swimmer. It would require lots of training.

      The Navy SEALS have an exercise where they’re dropped off 4 miles from shore and told to swim back. It puts into perspective how capable people can be.

      And if I were starving.
      I would carefully plan to murder some of my people and use their meat to get healthy and strong. The ones with out family and friends would be ideal, as to not arise suspicion.

      After training my body for the long swim And killing some of my fellow citizens. I would then plan to take my trip on a night where the water is most calm and the πŸŒ’ Moon most bright.

      Then after successfully evading the Navy and 🏊 swimming to South Korea I would re evaluate my new life as a South Korean citizen. I would Become a truck driver, perhaps even a culinary chef.

      After a long day at work I would go bar hopping with some friends and getting TOTALLY wasted. Then proceed tell them things that I would later regret such as ” I’ve killed 8 people and ATE THEM, SOME WERE CHILDREN.. I KNOW A TASTY HUMAN SOUP RECIPE.”

      Then I would be out casted from my friends and have to start a new life elsewhere, I DON’T KNOW WHERE BUT I’LL FIND IT!… I’LL GO TO THE NEAR SEA AND JUST START SWIMMING OUT TO OPEN SEA!!! WHILE CRYING!!😭!. Cause the world is a fucked up place that has made me a fucked up PERSON!!!!! AND THERE’S NO PLACE FOR A MONSTER LIKE ME IN THIS WORLD!!!!!!😫😫😭😭😭😭😭😭


      And that’s how I’d escape North Korea 😊. Aren’t you glad you asked, me too πŸ€—

  1. Escaping to the Arctic Ocean and I know that’s will be dangerous and deadlines way to escape from North Korea but is a best way for North Koreans get into Alaska or Canada.

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