• April 30, 2019

10 Ways WWII Could Have Ended Differently

The Second World War is undeniably the most important and influential events in modern history. But how could this astronomical event have ended differently? How would it affect us now? These are 10 Ways WWII Could Have Ended Differently…

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16 thoughts on “10 Ways WWII Could Have Ended Differently

  1. Japan’s never going to attack Russia because they fought an undeclared border conflict with them and Japan had massive casualties so they’re going to be scared of Russia and not going to attack them

  2. 1. The US was preparing for war against Japan anyways, Pearl Harbour just brought Germany in against America
    2. Remember that Germany was doomed the second they declared war and could never have won, except if Japan went against the USSR and had success in Siberia (unlikely)

    1. Malcolm La Prairie Siberia is too big and not valuable enough for the Japanese tho. Germany would declare war against US even if Pearl Harbor didn’t happen

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