• April 30, 2019

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 Reaction – WM Breakdown

“The Long Night” indeed. In this epic Game of Thrones episode, The White Walkers bring the fight to Winterfell, with devastating results. WARNING: Spoilers ahead! WatchMojo breaks down one of the most epic battles in the show’s history, and discusses where the fight will go next.

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10 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 Reaction – WM Breakdown

  1. Worst battle ever in TV… Too dark, battle tatics were shit, too much plot armor, Arya is apparently invisible, Night King wasted, Dragons wasted, etc…

  2. HBO, re write the bad episodes, recall the cast, and re-shoot the season, with some GoT film student in charge.
    Don’t let the ” Ice War ” end so poorly.

  3. No no no. The eye colours was in season 3 I think. The producers decided only 3 years ago to make it Aryia. They went for shock value rather than story and solid plot. It’s a conflicted result with surprise but not much weight or meaning.

  4. Huge letdown. Started off well, then turned into a long, boring, unwatchable (lighting) battle that ended with the ruining of 2 favorite characters…the NK, who turns out to be a mindless Evil guy doing stuff for Evil…and Arya who was turned into Wonder Woman, the Flash, and Michael Jordan because…the writers stupidly wanted that.

  5. It was unwatchable dark and had so many battle wrong strategies. This is what happens when the 3 dickheads in charge ( Dave, Dan, Miguel ) believe too much in their own hype. The entire #3. episode was poorly shot, followed by episode #2. which was poorly written. God, is episode #4. gunna suck too ? What a waste of film & the careless destruction of a great saga ending.

  6. We can already see divisions in the Dragon Queen camp and these are going to widen. Daenerys is going to get more paranoid and isolated with all around seeing her megalomania eclipsing her once sweet nature.

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