5 Weirdest Things Ever Found By Fishermen

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5 Weirdest Things Ever Found By Fishermen

1. When Dinh Nguyen and Tra Nguyen boarded their boat, Miss Jacinda, in April of 2016, they never could have fathomed that their trusty boat would soon capsize. Tra, who was the ship’s captain, threw on a life-ring in an attempt to survive, but met his demise instead, as it was attached to the boat, causing the captain and his ship to sink in unison. Dinh, who survived, was later rescued by a passing ship. The search for Tra’s body was unsuccessful.

Weeks later, a fishing boat sailed off from Ventura Harbor, Vietnam, in search for ridgeback prawns. Instead, their fishing net pulled up the bloated body of what the fishermen assumed to be a dead seal. However, once the carcass was lowered, they realized that it was a human body. Since most of the fishing crew had worked closely with Tra Nguyen for decades, they did not have any issues identifying his body.

2. In 2016, two fishermen set out to sea and halted their boat when they noticed a strange ship drifting 50-something miles away from the shores of Surigao del Sur province, Philippines. Curious about the ship’s disheveled appearance, the two men decided to board to ship and see if anyone was in distress. What they found, however, was the decaying body of a German adventurer named Fritz Bajorat — a man that had not been seen since late 2009.

The adventurer’s corpse, which had been preserved by the ocean’s salty air, dry winds, and hot temperatures, sat at his desk near a radio. It appears that Bajorat had written his wife (who he had separated with right before his last voyage) a chilling letter before his death. Unfortunately, she was never given the letter, as she passed away in 2010 from cancer.

3. The ocean is a mystery, but also a place where many coincidences take place, as all too often, fishermen end up pulling out human remains from their nets. With the ocean’s size and depth being greater than all of Earth’s territories combined, finding a human body in a fishermen’s net is a lot like finding that pesky needle in a haystack. In early December of 2016, a fishing crew working off the coast of Provincetown, Massachusetts, were disturbingly surprised when a human body found its way into their fishing net. The body was so mangled and swollen from its time spent underwater, that identifying its gender was an impossibility. The fishing crew immediately reported their findings to the US Coast Guards and waiting for the authorities to arrive to their location. It is suspected that the body belonged to a crew member who went missing in early November of that year.

4. With so many different types of species inhabiting our oceans, it is a wonder that humans are still amazed by what they pull out from its depths. In this case, however, amazement is the furthest emotion that comes to surface, as horror and shock quickly take first place. It has often been said that there are some entities living in the ocean that could easily give aliens (or what we think aliens would look like) a run for their money, and the sea creature pictured above is one of them. This strange, toothy, and terrifying sea creature was found in the depths of Australia’s oceans. After being further examined, it was said to be a strange variation of a deep-sea lizard fish.

5. When Barry Hunter pulled his large fishing net out from the ocean, he saw that it was richly wiggling with fish, which caused him to smile, as he was a fisherman after all. However, his smile did not see him to the shore, as it was quickly wiped from his lips when he noticed that his fish were not alone inside the fishing net. Upon closer examination, Hunter found himself staring into the gaping holes of a human skull, but his obvious disdain did not cause him to throw it back into the depths of the ocean, it lead him to bring in the skull to the authorities for possible identification. Once the skull was properly examined, the police informed him that it matched the DNA of missing local Brian Allison — Hunter’s old drinking buddy who had disappeared in 2004, when his commercial trawler sank to the bottom of the ocean. What are the chances?

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