• July 11, 2019

8 Demons You Should Probably Try To Avoid | Top 10 Earth


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8 Demons You Should Probably Try To Avoid

8.In typical Yuletide fashion, Santa Claus is celebrated for his generosity and kindness toward children, especially those who remain on the nice list the whole year through. But for Central European children, their incentive to stay away from the naughty list is a much more visceral one, stemming from their evil Santa Claus counterpart: Krampus. Each year on the night of December 5, the night before the beloved Saint Nicholas’s feast day, Krampus will emerge from his lair to torment villages until sunrise. If you were good, you would be rewarded with candy in your boot from Saint Nicholas.

7. In Indonesia and Malaysia lurks a spirit intent on haunting cemeteries and abandoned houses. This spirit, known as the pocong in Indonesia and also as the hantu bungkus in Malaysia, has a pale, shriveled, eyeless face and a floating, decaying body.[4] The corpse is often shrouded in the translucent cloth used in Muslim burials.

6.Originating from ancient Sumerian legend, Asag is a horrifying demon from the underworld whose personal mission is to thwart the god Ninurta. In order to do this, Asag created an army of rock demons that would do his bidding. Once defeated by Ninurta, Asag turned against humankind and began to prey on unsuspecting travelers.Asag hunts after humans and rains disease and plague upon them.

5.By day, this Filipino monster takes the form of a lovely woman—the better to entrance and capture her victims. Once the Sun goes down, however, this demon shows her true form: a batlike being with large, withered wings, the fangs of a vampire, and long, sharp claws.[6] In order to transform into her true self, the manananggal must sever her torso from her legs to sprout wings—trailing her innards around below.

4.Akin to Sleepy Hollow’s Headless Horseman is Ireland’s Dullahan. The spirit of a man with a severed head, this black robe-clad rider hunts his prey in an unusual way. Instead of chasing and slaying his victims, the horseman serves as an omen of death: Whenever he stops riding, someone nearby will die.

3. Everyone knows of the vibrant and fortune-filled celebration of the Chinese New Year. According to legend, the tradition, which is honored worldwide as a festival of new beginnings and good luck, began as a means of self-defense.In ancient China, a Taoist monk by the name of Hongjun Laozu came across a small village and noticed the people boarding up their doors and windows. They explained that they were preparing to hide from the Nian—a creature that lived high up in the mountains and descended once a year to eat their crops, livestock, and children.

2.Not to be mistaken for their benevolent counterparts, the fairies of Scotland and Ireland are a far cry from the Tooth Fairy. These fairies, while not innately wicked, are tricksters at best, and if you aren’t careful, you may end up becoming their victim. These fairies have a particular penchant for swapping out human babies with one of their own.

1.Hailing from Japan is the flying, goblin-like monstrosity known as the tengu. A mythical demigod demon, the tengu is capable of flying and running great distances at incredible speeds. One can identify a tengu by its fiery red skin, extremely long nose, and haughty nature; if one fails to treat the tengu with the respect it feels it deserves, then that person will surely become the tengu ‘s next victim.When not avenging its honor, the tengu can be found preying upon those on the Buddhist journey toward enlightenment.[10] Many believe that tengu are the restless spirits of former priests and heretics who were wronged by members of their faith and seek revenge.

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