• July 11, 2019

10 Most Terrifying Places on Earth

Earth is a strange, strange place – but there are some places lurking upon this planet of ours that are sure to set chills down your spine. Here are the 10 most terrifying places on Earth.

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15 thoughts on “10 Most Terrifying Places on Earth

    1. @Steve Smith snake island to me is worse than hell. I’m terrified of the friggin things. Ya, I was just expressing why the bridge is of no interest to me. The rest are just cake ya know

    2. @Ulterior Motiffs yeah I don’t care about the reasoning behind the dogs jumping just I don’t find it “terrifying” same goes with Hell’s gate in the dessert and doll island. Lastly snake island isn’t really terrifying either per say just dangerous.

  1. Snake Island is approximately 430,000 square meters in size. If 4,000 snakes live there, how the fuck do you get a population density of five per square meter? Five snakes per square meter would be 2,150,000 snakes on the island. Since you’re obviously the world’s worst math student, let me point out to you that 2,150,000 is nowhere near 4,000. Idiotic content like this should be banned from YouTube.

  2. Dude get your information straight the island of the dolls was not made for those dolls to Chase the spirit of the little girl away it was to appease the spirit of the little girl who supposedly drowned This is getting old with you guys research what you are talking about please I’ve been subscribed to you guys for a Couple years now

  3. You guys kill me with some of these videos especially when you rehash some of the stuff that you have had on your other lists I’ve heard of these places On other Countdown videos you had before

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