• September 9, 2016

Apple Announces the iPhone 7 Release! Specs and Features

Apple Announces the iPhone 7: Specs Report

The iPhone 7 release date has been announced! Will you be buying a new iPhone 7? This video covers the features of the iPhone 7, and other facts such as price and specs. But is it the same old story just with the buttons in a different spot, or the tech revolution Apple lovers have come to expect from the tech giant?

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10 thoughts on “Apple Announces the iPhone 7 Release! Specs and Features

  1. I just came here primarily for the “f##k you apple, you shit c##t” comments
    and secondly for the apple defense squad to argue how good the new iPhone
    is “it’s the best iPhone ever!” No shit, who brings out a new model of any
    product that’s worse than the previous model? Who???

  2. Would have considered buying one since i got my current iphone 4s in 2012.
    BUT i really hate apple headphones they’re uncomfortable, doesnt sit well
    in my ears and they generally have crappy quality. So no ihone 7 for me not
    worth it if it doesnt have a headphone jack

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