• September 2, 2016

Colin Kaepernick Protest: Do You Support his Anthem Snub?

Is the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers’ Quarterback a hero demonstrating patriotic civil disobedience, or is he a traitor and ungrateful American Idiot?

When Colin Kaepernick refused to stand during the singing of the National Anthem during a pre-season NFL game, it set of a fire storm. Some like Kareem Abdul Jabbar came to his defence, while others like Jerry Rice disapproved of the tactic. Others voiced their displeasure even more. What are your thoughts? To some, he was taking a stand in light of the Black Lives Matter movement, voicing his displeasure with police violence and brutality, especially against African American youth… but to others it was disrespect for the military and the soldiers who have fought in American wars to defend the flag and nation.

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10 thoughts on “Colin Kaepernick Protest: Do You Support his Anthem Snub?

  1. While I personally disagree with his actions. I support his right to free
    speech and protest. What sickens me is how much the nfl is focusing on
    something like this but if a player beats a loved one or shit like thst no
    one acts like its a big deal. I’m sorry but in my oppinion once you do thst
    you should be done career over.

  2. Kaepernick needs to spend some time away from his; Black/White Privilege,
    Football Primadonna, BLM Lies and Black Panthers BS. He needs to take his
    ignorant ass into the real world spend a year or more with either inner
    city police patrols or a combat Marine Division. Then come back and see
    what his attitude is. However, until that happens, or he leaves the team,
    we WON’T be watching ANY Games, in which the 49ers participate. He has his
    choice to protest, and we have our choice to Protest, TOO!

  3. I support kaep he did the right thing besides look at the examples of
    people against him trump and Sara paylin they are everything that’s wrong
    with the US I’m with kaep

  4. This Watchmojo clip was bias. Video game dude, you’re showing an agenda and
    your true colors here. You’re pandering to the racist wing of your nerd
    gamer base.

  5. I generally am not opposed to protesting what your country is doing.
    Attacking this man because the lack of “patriotism” is a straw man. If
    someone had done this to protest the war on Iraq which we now know was a
    fraud he would be correct. Now he just isn’t.

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