• September 2, 2016

Top 10 Signs That You’re A Nerd

Top 10 Signs That You Are A Nerd

How can you tell if you’re a nerd? This list of signs that you’re a nerd can help you figure out a nerd definition. Popular culture tropes surrounding the nerd include the nerd girl and the revenge of the nerds, when nerds get their own back with bullies who tormented them in high school. Your feelings about The Big Bang theory, a memorabilia collection, your use of a D20 for playing dungeons and dragons, a fedora in your wardrobe, deep references, fictional languages and Extended universes are a few clues that you can use to figure out whether or not you are King or Queen of the Nerds, or just a nerdling. In no way are we judging nerds – hey, we’re pretty nerdy ourselves. We’re just saying that if you fall into any of these categories, your membership in the nerd club is almost assured.

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Signs That You’re A Nerd

  1. I hate when people call me a nerd. I don’t identify as a nerd at all. I do
    cringe when people confuse Star Trek and Star Wars but who wouldn’t? That’s
    so dumb. They’re both so mainstream at this point. Who hasn’t tried to move
    something with the force? Okay number one is legit. Screw you watch mojo.
    Star Wars EU isn’t even canon anymore. Done

  2. Holy fuck. I only do Number 1 and 4. I am kind of disappointed to be
    honest. I really hoped for more, I always see myself as a nerd but not even
    sure if I am one now :/

  3. I just watched the ‘”Top 10 signs that you’re a Nerd”. I view myself as a
    nerd, and I did not identify with any of them. In particular I tell most
    people I enjoy watching the big bang theory.

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