• August 29, 2018


It’s only a game. Most of us are able to understand that concept and know that the virtual world of video gaming is nothing to get upset over. Yet there are those so intertwined in a false reality, that what happens to them in-game starts to affect their personal life.
These three tales follow gamers that were so invested in their digital lives that they could no longer separate the game from reality. Their stories of rage may be troublesome, but are they real? Do video games like fortnite create violence?

15 thoughts on “Do VIDEO GAMES Create VIOLENCE? FACT or FICTION?

    1. sothere1 not really. I’ve met many obnoxious shit heads when competing offline. The anonymity is a double edged sword. However, there is always the option to mute them. That’s what I do, mainly because i don’t want people to know who I really am behind the mask.

    2. Yes, only online games. Why? Because online, behind anonymity, some people just can’t help themselves from being complete assholes. If you want to meet the most obnoxious and rude people on the planet, play games online.

  1. Well, that last one was one of undoubtedly multitudes of examples over the past several decades of women helping to allow murderous psychopaths to go free. They “just so happen” not to extend any such regard to decent people while bestowing it upon the scum of the Earth. This is the product of the fact that they have no mind and no conscience that transcends their born follower nature and their emotional motivations, and they are told and have been told to an ever greater extent by way of the system in the form of pop culture, government, “education”, etc. etc. etc. that they should embrace psychopaths while demonizing moral, conscientious people, especially due to the conflict between morality and conscience and the wickedness they have embraced.

  2. All of these stories, at least up to the 8:30 mark, are about interactions between people, or perhaps a person and a subhuman, with video games as the medium. They have nothing to do with the games and everything to do with the hominids involved.

  3. Going by history the answer MUST be NO! The human race has a bloody and violent history all without video games of any kind being available. E.g. WW2, WW1, the crusades, etc … the list is huge … billions of people slaughtered with no PUBG in sight!

  4. i can say with confidence that the answer to this is NO this is just fake news or bad science or what ever you wanna call it . the truth of the matter is that this was started and and is still perpetuated by the anti gun people as another invalid reason to band firearms.

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