• March 7, 2019

How Avengers: Endgame Should End

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It’s the movie event of a generation, and we’ve all been waiting since 2018’s Infinity War to see what the conclusion of the Thanos saga will look like. Will Captain America, Iron Man, Captain Marvel and all the rest of our favorite Avengers succeed in defeating evil, or will there be a dark end for our heroes. We’ll throw our predictions in the ring!

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10 thoughts on “How Avengers: Endgame Should End

  1. I think the story, while some might think this is bland, show how these people try to continue their lives. Let’s say Thanos has moved on, turned into a farm fan boi whatever, I want to see these has-beens struggle to repair what was once civilization, or at least try to move on.

  2. I hope at the end, when/ if they changes time, face of captain marvel also changes, and we get to see new actress as CM. Having Brie larson in your squad is like having nuclear bomb…

  3. It would be just terrible if they have Captain Marvel, of all people, come in to save the day. It would irreparably cheapen the entire MCU. Even if you like Captain marvel, you can’t deny that that’d be extraodinarily lazy to do.

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