• May 10, 2019

How Can Creators Fight Back ContentID Abusers?

Did you see our video on content ID entitled “Counter-Strike: Exposing ContentID Abusers” If you haven’t, watch it here:
This video is a follow up about what channels can do in order to receive justice against the copyright abuses.
WatchMojo Founder, Ashkan Karbasfrooshan, goes through the steps that would need to be taken in order to form a class action lawsuit. They include:
Step 1: Establishing a Class
Step 2: Finding a Representative Plaintiff
Step 3: Identifying a Target Defendant
Step 4: Estimating Aggregate Compensatory Damages
Approach 1: Estimating Damages by Category
Approach 2: Estimating Damages by Biggest Abuser

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below! And, let us know what ideas and topics you’d like us to tackle next?
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16 thoughts on “How Can Creators Fight Back ContentID Abusers?

    1. +Nathan Talisien Thanks, to be fair, we have been “on this” for a decade, both publicly in industry publications and privately to YouTube. I assumed our audience wanted entertainment news and this may be a bit too “inside baseball,” but I just realized that it was worth it (and yes, was tired of repeating myself). Stay tuned for episode 3.

    2. And BTW, Ash delivers a line towards the end of the video which PERFECTLY encapsulates things for MANY content creators- namely:
      “…Just because you have this tool that allows you to serve as a proctologist every day doesn’t mean you should be using it as such.”

    3. This is perhaps the most important, influential series of videos you have ever attempted. Good on you for this, it is absolutely VITAL that more awareness be brought to this- especially with the changes the EU has voted in, that are coming into effect over the next few years.

  1. Go get em!!! Organize and get it done! Also, I would love to participate if I can. My channel is small but I’ve had it happen to me many times, as well.

  2. I want more of these videos. Really enjoyed this one. Though I have to be realistic about some things.

    1. Be really big (like Watchmojo, and that’s basically the only reason they don’t have any problems) 2. Be trending and gaining popularity like all these ASMONGOLD videos that get recommended to me over and over again.

    If you are small or not trending you are simply doomed. They are not even gonna explain what exactly happened, who throw copyright strike, why you got demonitized, what the hell is going on you might not even find out what hapepned. You can only pray that YT will actually care to look at you and your problem, and you for them is nothing, literally nothing – another dust particle at best.

    Most people won’t even get a response nor from YT, nor from copyright abuser…and you guys actually have conversations with them? And can afford law suits? >_>

    1. Do you think WatchMojo came out of the womb as a “big channel?” Don’t discount yourself mate. In life – let alone business, sports, relationships, and for freaking sure youtube – anyone & everyone can succeed and grow.

  3. Gain not more than 5k views for the last couple hours, eventhough this channel has 20 millions+ subscriber. Clearly Youtube want silence anyone who want to fight copyright claim system

  4. Another great video in the new series fighting big evil Corps. abusing the system especially towards smaller channels, they need to be stopped.

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