• May 10, 2019

10 Most Controversial Videogames

Video games have taken the world by storm in the last half-century, but not all of them have been as well received as others… These are the 10 Most Controversial Videogames of All Time!

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15 thoughts on “10 Most Controversial Videogames

    1. Great video as always, just one intersting fact to add to the San Andreas Hot Coffee story:
      Rockstar blamed the PC mod as the reason why that part of the game was accessible but the truth is all you needed was a cheat program such as Action Replay Max to make it work in PS2 consoles.
      Here’s the code by the way:


      There are even ways to uncensor the “action” without modding the game at all… so they lied about it and shifted the blame for something they left in the game on purpose.

    2. You are pathetic other youtubers released this topic weeks ago your just trying to cash in by being lazy and stealing that content unsubbed

  1. People blaiming games for youth violence and gaming adiction… this is code for parents buying games ignoring the game’s rating and obvious content and not accepting responsability for not showing their kids how to seperate reality and fantasy. Also this is code for parents avoiding responsability of letting their kids play for HOURS to the point of causing an addiction because its convenient to let their kid play and not be bother.

  2. It’s not funny seeing these people making up sh*t with shooting Mexicans or Muslim massacres… It’s stupid that people thought 9/11 Was Planned by Muslim… Weirdly enough they will recognize Muslims as terrorist in cases like 9/11 but won’t give a fk in a case like New Zealand mosque terrorist attacks … There is no word you can describe how horrible some people’s souls are.. Wait for another Disaster caused by isis or qaeeda and people will blame the whole religion

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