• April 7, 2017

Is Frank Miller’s Batman a Fascist?


Batman is seen as one of the greatest superheroes of all time and Frank Miller’s Batman from 1986’s The Dark Knight Returns is the most respected interpretation. But much of what his dark and powerful Batman might push it a bit too far.

Be sure to check out Matthew Rae’s essay for more on this topic:

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14 thoughts on “Is Frank Miller’s Batman a Fascist?

  1. The debate of if batman is a fascist has been going on for decades, and not in a “hate everything on the right” sort of way, but in an intellectual conversation about literary themes. I find it interesting that batman (a possible symbol of fascism) defeats superman (a symbol of America) with the help of green arrow who is a confirmed communist terrorist in the comic. These are things that have been thought about for years and this video is commenting on that, not part of some liberal or alt right agenda. For those who think this is liberal or conservative propaganda, stop being a snowflake. This wasn’t a comment on the modern political climate for gods sake, the message is for the freaking Cold War.

    1. It’s definitely a commentary, and one that could promote healthy discussion. The problem begins when people think this video topic is forwarding a specific political agenda

    2. Agree, with one caveate… while this video, nor the comic, are commentary on the current political climate, it can lead to a healthy discussion of it, given the similarities in the actions and motives of groups like Antifa.

  2. Batman was the very definition of a fascist in this story but what’s more disturbing is how people actually liked this awful story where Batman and Superman were unrecognizable even to their biggest fans.

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