Jediism, Horses on Meth and KILLER GAME SHOWS: The Dispatch #42

Jediism, Horses on Meth and KILLER GAME SHOWS: The Dispatch #42
Is Jediism a religion? Do the ways of the force and their guidance in life prove enough to be a religion? Apparently, the Charity Comission of the United Kingdom doesn’t think so! Sounds like they don’t like Star Wars, and are going a little Rogue One. Also, TV producers in Russia are developing the craziest reality show ever where you can murder, rape, drink, smoke and do whatever you want or whatever it takes to survive. And finally, a racehorse in Australia tested positive for crystal meth! Animal rights down the drain. It doesn’t seem like an accident either when its owner named it Party Til Dawn. Yikes.

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10 thoughts on “Jediism, Horses on Meth and KILLER GAME SHOWS: The Dispatch #42

  1. theres gona be so many people illegally gambling and betting on the lives
    of the people in the Russian contest show on who gets or does the first
    murder or rape
    I think the first murder will be after the first rape ….

  2. this Russian death show shit is so fucked up and I know its gona get so
    much attention from all over the world ..conservative countries are gonna
    make it against the law for its citizens to watch it and block access to
    it…and other countries news and social media won’t stop watching or
    talking about it …this is a first of its kind in entertainment for our
    day and age and it’s going to open the door for more like it and protests
    to stop it the media will be consumed with debates and governments will
    have to decide if laws need to be made or changed and it is gonna be the
    greatest distraction on social media and world wide news covering the
    anything goes even murder and rape survival contest…I’m sure interviews
    alone with the contestants will be highly sought after before they all go
    into the woods to die or survive

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