• September 5, 2016

Mojo Rewindo Ep. 1 – It’s What You’ve Been Missing

Mojo Rewindo Ep. 1 – Minaj is hated? Pokemon Battles and Awful Fight Scenes

Nicki Minaj is hated across all languages. Turkish movies are hilarious and Pokemon is reeeeally popular. Mojo Rewindo is the new show where we take a look back across our entire network of channels and highlight some of the funniest and most notable videos that we’ve recently published. Let us know what you think!

Top 10 Pinball Machines:
Top 10 Bandas de Rock en Español
Top 10 Reasons Why Nicki Minaj is Hated
Top 10 Hilariously Awful Fight Scenes
Top 10 Pokemon Battles from the Animated Show

Top 10 des modifications corporelles les plus étranges

Top 10 *NSYNC Songs

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10 thoughts on “Mojo Rewindo Ep. 1 – It’s What You’ve Been Missing

  1. So WatchMojo has just about as many Pointless Channels that all repeat the
    same shit as BuzzFail, oops, I mean BuzzFeed.

    Lets see, BuzzFail Red, BuzzFail Yellow, BuzzFail, Blue, BuzzFail Black,
    BuzzFail White, BuzzFail Shit Ect Ect Ect. All the Same Shitty Content,
    just with different edits and announcers. Nothing New what so ever for each
    channel. They just keep Recycling the same Shit over and over and over and
    over. Then throw in the Braindead and Totally Pointless “Questions (Insert
    any Minority Race Here) have for Whit People” just to stir up shit.

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