• September 5, 2016

Top 10 Most Hilarious Pixar Moments (w/ Timestamps)

Top 10 Most Hilarious Pixar Moments

This list presents funny scenes in Pixar movies. Pixar animation studios makes kid’s movies that contain clever humour and these are the funniest moments within Pixar’s feature film collection.

00:34 #10: Disgust and Anger Dealing with Broccoli
“Inside Out” (2015)
01:35 #9: Tour Guide Barbie
“Toy Story 2
02:38 #8: Where’s My Super Suit?
“The Incredibles”
03:40 #7: Dory’s Whale Talking
“Finding Nemo”
04:36 #6: Crushed by Shopping Carts
06:01 #5: Heimlich Turns into a Butterfly
“A Bug’s Life”
07:06 #4: Boo’s ‘Death’
“Monsters, Inc.”
07:58 #3, #2 and #1 ???

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Hilarious Pixar Moments (w/ Timestamps)

  1. What about the part in cars where Lightning McQueen is talking about how
    many piston cups the Hudson hornet had and matter says he did what in his

  2. Wall-E is my favorite Pixar movie…especially because there isn’t a lot of
    talking in it (sure other characters do talk, but the main characters
    don’t, and that makes it a better movie… for me)

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