• July 30, 2018

Plane Crash Survivors – FACT or FICTION

Do the following three tales prove that some humans have the strength to survive certain death, or are they fictional tales of pure luck that never took place? Can you decide between what’s fact.. or fiction?

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13 thoughts on “Plane Crash Survivors – FACT or FICTION

    1. Top 10 Archive Quick, with no research, in which countries did the following happen?

      1. The deadliest aviation accident in history
      2. The deadliest mid-air collision in history
      3. The deadliest single plane accident in history
      4. And at which US airport did the deadliest aviation accident on US soil occur?

      No cheating! 😀😀

  1. Love these tales and for the first time I got all three correct, I had made my choice for the first two and listening to the last tale I was thinking this could be true and maybe all three were true, then as I heard how the business man had torn at the wreckage with bare hands I remembered he had a badly broken arm so I was sure it was made up ,I have heard how adrenaline makes people do superhuman feats ,but decided it was fiction

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