REVIEW: Super Mario Odyssey – Top 10 Things You Need To Know

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Bowser has kidnapped Peach … again, so its up to Mario has to do what he does best. For this list, we’ll be providing you our review of Nintendo’s err … now former Plumber’s latest adventure. Welcome to and today we’re providing you with the Top 10 Things you need to know about Super Mario Odyssey.

Product provided to WatchMojo by Nintendo of Canada for the sake of this review.

#10. There’s A LOT Of Power Moons To Collect
#9. The Kingdoms Are Split Into Multiple Acts
#8. Take Control of Bowser’s Minions
#7. You Can Change Mario’s Outfit
#6. It Features 2D “Super Mario Bros.” Stages
#5. There Are No Extra Lives
#4. The Game Recommends Playing With JoyCons Detached
#3 – #1

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12 thoughts on “REVIEW: Super Mario Odyssey – Top 10 Things You Need To Know

  1. PS4 = For GREAT Exclusives
    Xbox One = For Games Like Halo & Gears of War
    Nintendo Switch = For Games Like Mario, Zelda, Metroid etc.
    PC = For Great Graphics & Best Mods

  2. Hey Mojoholics
    I’m Dave I wrote the review for this game. I’ll be here willing to answer any questions anyone here may have about the game. Though I will try to keep things as spoiler free as possible.

    A few things
    1. No that’s not my voice that’s our WMFact and WMUK VO guy Ashley, our usual VO guy Dan was taking some well deserved time off when the game came in.

    2. One point I didn’t mention in the review is that there is an Optional Assist mode in the game. This double Mario’s Life from 3 bars of health to 6, it also places a goal tracker leading to the main mission star of that level. Plus if you fall into a pit or poison, a bubble will rescue you and take you back to where you last jumped from. For me I barely touched this mode as I found it to have too much handholding and made the game way too easy, but it is an option there for less skilled players.

    3. I don’t have an exact figure on how many moons there are in the game, but I can tell you it’s well over 800.

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