• March 7, 2019

Shazam VS Captain Marvel

Which one is the better superhero? Shazam or Captain Marvel? Find the answer in this video!
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Over the years, both of these characters have gone by the name “Captain Marvel”. So let’s see who really deserves the title! In this Versus video, we’ll be going tit for tat with Shazam and Captain Marvel to see who comes out on top. We’re evaluating a wide range of categories to determine who’s the superior superhero – not just who would win in a fight.

Superhero Origins: Shazam’s Captain Marvel –

Superhero Origins: Marvel’s Captain Marvel –

Superhero Origins: Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) –

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15 thoughts on “Shazam VS Captain Marvel

    1. 2:15
      You need to revise this. The name was not changed due to confusion. Marvel comics once again sued another promising company through cutthroat legal deals based on subjective copyright claims. Marvel Comics has a dark history of robbing competing publishers in anyway they can through the Copyright Act. “They claimed because the company brand name was Marvel, a hero from another company could not have the name Captain Marvel.” Ms Marvel/Captain Marvel did not exist at this point so it was not changed for confusion sake because that character didn’t exist yet.

    2. The biggest difference between Shazam and Captain Marvel for me, is I’m actually interested in seeing Shazam. I couldn’t care any less about Captain Marvel. Shazam actually looks like an up beat fun Super Hero movie, where Captain Marvel is definitely going to be polluted with attitude, edginess, and some sort of political agenda.

  1. Shazam all the way! Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) is not a popular marvel character idk who people are trying to fool. I always liked Shazam more anyway.

  2. Carol Danvers ‘ final form.. (current Captain Marvel version) feats in comics show way too much power than I have seen Shazam ever use in comics. Pure power contest Carol beats Billy easily. Though Shazam has other powers like the Superman hack, so overall Shazam has more superpowers.

  3. S – Wisdom of solomon
    H – Strenght of Hercules
    A – Stamina of Atlas
    Z – Power of Zeus
    A – Courage of Aquiles
    M – Speed of Mercury
    So, Carol Danvers has more wisdom than solomon ? :s such one sided vs

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