• October 20, 2018

Spider-Man PS4 vs Batman: Arkham City

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Spider-Man PS4 vs Batman: Arkham City
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Which side are you on? Spider-Man PS4 or Batman Arkham City? Let’s swing right in and finding out which of these two critical darlings is truly gaming’s greatest superhero. We’re looking at everything from gameplay, plot, to world design. Spidey VS the Dark Knight. Be warned, there are plenty of spoilers to come.

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15 thoughts on “Spider-Man PS4 vs Batman: Arkham City

    1. WatchMojo.com you can’t compare about arkham and spiderman because one is older 7 years than the other it’s not like battlefield and call of duty which release games every year or two years if you really want to compare spiderman to a batman game you have to wait for the new batman game which maybe comes out next year or 2 years from now so that the difference between years isn’t too much.

  1. Batman is my fav superhero but i was dissappointed with the actors, they cant find the right one, michael keaton is the best batman but he is not taller, spiderman tobey mcguire is the best

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