• April 29, 2018

Spoiler Alert Review! Avengers: Infinity War – Where Do We Go From Here? – Mojo @ The Movies

Avengers: Infinity War – Where Do We Go From Here? Spoiler Alert Review! – Mojo @ The Movies
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Giving our spoiler-free review for Avengers: Infinity War was so hard, because there is so much to say, and we didn’t want to ruin it for anyone – but now that you can go see the movie for yourself, here is our no holds barred review with all the spoilers you can shake a stick at! Welcome to Mojo @ The Movies, where we debate the big questions left unanswered at the end of Infinity War, we speculate and ruminate at what’s to come, and we take a few guesses at how the MCU will take shape in the next phase. And that ending… we’ll get to that too!!

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15 thoughts on “Spoiler Alert Review! Avengers: Infinity War – Where Do We Go From Here? – Mojo @ The Movies

    1. My theory is that the avengers who survived the snap are going to sacrifice themselves in some way to bring the ones who faded away back. Thats why all the ones with confirmed sequels turned to ash.

  1. I enjoyed the movie. Absolutely! But one thing i can’t get out of my head is that Scarlett Witch and Vision, two of the most powerful superheroes out there got beaten and had to be rescued by Captain America, Black Widow and Falcon, who, though heroes, are but humans. That was the story we got for Cap’n, Widow n Falcon to get into the movie?

  2. You forgot to mention that Dr. Strange sacrifice the time stone just to save tony stark, maybe because tony is the key for that 1 possibility to win…

  3. Does anyone noticed the breastplate of thanos? It looks like there was an engraved image of the antlers of Hella(Goddess of Death)? Is it only me who saw it? I saw it while watching the film but you can see it clear here.


    after the end credits the scene when nick fury died the symbol on his device was the captain marvel symbol

  5. WARNING SPOILER!!!!! don’t know why but when the Marvel characters were dying, The only one that made me feel anything was somehow peter because he was talking to stark saying that he didn’t want to go which builds on bother peter and stark

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