• December 14, 2017

Story of the Year 2017

The Biggest Story of 2017
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As the year comes to an end, WatchMojo wants to highlight the news story that has resonated the most over the course of the last twelve months. The sexual assault allegations which overtook the news over the course of the past year were undoubtedly a pivotal moment in a greater cultural renaissance. Above all, we want to focus on the women whose bravery will ultimately change the world.

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10 thoughts on “Story of the Year 2017

  1. I am honestly surprised they didn’t disable comments like anyone if they made this video. I don’t like the video, but at least they have the balls to let people speak their minds.

  2. I’m a male and I would like to share my story, if you take 3 minutes to read this, thank you 🙂

    In October of last year here in Chile half of the country marched against women violence along Argentina, both of these social movements were generated by two cases:

    -In Argentina on 2015 Chiara Páez, a 14 year old girl was murdered by her partner, she was pregnant, this generated a social movement in 2015 called #Niunamenos (Spanish for “Not one [woman] less”), by october of last year (the third and last march to date) the movement extended to protests in Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Brazil and Spain ().

    -Last year here in Chile a guy beat his wife and destroyed her eyes with a rock, the case and the trial was followed closely by the press,the victim (now blind) appeared in every show possible on TV and Radio, she was not affraid to show how damaged she was physically and mentally, she became a voice for women here.

    The case in Chile last year ocurred almost at the same time with the last #Niunamenos march in Argentina last year around october, so #Niunamenos became bigger than ever in Latin America, and here a conversation started, this conversation that the Harvey story created along with #Metoo in the US, we had it last year here, and from that two new bills were created, cat calling is now illegal in Chile, any woman or man that feels harrased in the street can get the harraser in jail, plain and simple, along with that, people are now more protected in case of domestic violence, there’s a whole procedure to ensure that if someone goes to the police because of domestic abuse, they will get listened and measures will be taken immediately.

    We still have a long way to go but that has been huge for women here. Speaking with my sister (4 years younger than me), she told me that cat calling and harrasement was an everyday thing, “you get used to it” she told me and in that moment I wanted to die, I felt enraged and heartbroken, why could I do? the only thing I did in that moment was give her a hug and tell her how much I loved her, she cried in my arms.

    I felt this tremendous guilt for not doing anything, for not talking about this, for not being fucking aware because talking with other women, all of them had a story of abuse or harrasement, all of them so the conversation on tv and social media was tremendous. I like to believe our country (especially young men) are more aware now after #Niunamenos, I feel our society is changing for the better, I feel the next generation will learn from our mistakes, hopefully there in the US something similar will happen, it all begin with awareness, and here I speak as a man, we HAVE to be aware that every woman you know has been abused or harrased at their work, school, fuck they live with harrasement in the streets every single day, everywhere to every woman, your sister, mother, your daughter, everyone. Be aware guys, think about it, talk about it with other people, and for all of us (men and women), educate the younger generation, maybe in the future our children won’t have to have this conversation because or them the idea of abuse of someone for their gender, color of their skin, sexual preference or just different opinion is wrong and should never be done to anyone, but for our kids to grow up with that, we have educate them, let’s not make the suffering people had gone/keep going through be for nothing more than pain.

    Again, thank you for taking the time to read this 🙂

  3. This is sick. A 2017 witch hunt. Nothing new. Its actually silly how some people recall assault after many years. Yeah when people need something they do many “ugly” things and then they just point the finger to someone and “accuse” them of assault/harrasment. So sick. Why they dont report it right when it happens? Cus many things are just made up. If I flirt with some girl/woman (cus shes attractive and nice to me) in America you automaticly label it “harrasment” and its something undesirable? OMG people. If I cross a line just say it. Thats all. Or dont send signals (and many women are sending them!)… this whole metoo is just too much. A witch hunt….

  4. The power structures that oppressed women AND MEN. There were male victims as well but that seems all too easily forgotten. This was presented as a gendered issue and it wasn’t. It was a power issue and in the coming year we are guaranteed to find people who were falsely accused thrown out in our fervor to “clean up the industry.”

  5. Tell me why the “me too” movement isn’t just one of the 3rd wave crazy feminist movements.

    You can’t even tell which one of them was actually sexually abused, from all the other ones like “eye raped” or “imaginative raped”.

    Good job feminists 🙂

    inb4 the “wymen” who cried wolf.

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