• December 8, 2017

The 5 Largest Fish Ever Caught

The 5 Largest Fish Ever Caught

1. The largemouth bass is a pretty big fish, but the biggest one ever captured weighed in
at 22 pounds 5 oz. The fish was captured by Manabu Kurita off Lake Biwa in Japan in
2009 and it caused an immediate sensation and even some controversy.

Kurita’s catch is just an ounce heavier than the largemouth bass that George Perry of
Jacksonville, Georgia caught on June 2, 1932. In fact there is some dispute ongoing as
to which fish is bigger, but for now Kurita’s bass is the biggest on record.

While there are still some who are disputing which of the two bass is larger, there’s
no question that Kurita’s fish is still hefty, and until proven otherwise is the biggest on

2. The record for the largest catfish ever caught belongs to the Mekong Giant “Grizzly
Bear”. The catfish was caught in Thailand by several fishermen in 2005. According to
the locals familiar with the area, it is home to a lot of catfish and some big ones have
been sighted, but one as big as this was ever captured.
The fish measured 9 feet long and weighed 646 pounds, earning it the nickname Grizzly
Bear since that’s how much the bear weighs. Due to the size of the fish, the fishermen
were unable to throw it back into the water so it died. To get an idea of how big it was,
a large catfish would weigh around 94 pounds.
According to the fishermen who captured the catfish, they had been fishing in the area
for a long time and had been told there was a giant catfish but never seen anything
quite like it. Understandably the capture caused something of a sensation in Thailand.

You can read more and find out some useful tips and tricks on how to catch Catfish here.

3. The biggest swordfish caught so far was measured at 179.25 inches, or 14.9 feet long,
and it weighed in at 1182 pounds. The fish was caught by Lou Marron in the waters
off Chile back in 1953. According to Marron, he fished regularly in the area but didn’t
expect anything different this day.

To get an idea of how long this thing was, the typical swordfish reaches a maximum
length of 9 feet. Aside from being the longest swordfish caught, it is also said to be the
biggest fish ever caught on a rod.

According to Marron, it took him nearly two hours before he was able to reel the fish
in, and the remains are preserved today in the International Game Fishing Association
in Miami, Florida for everyone to see. Unlike other fish, this is one of the few whose
remains have been preserved for posterity.

4. The biggest Atlantic Blue Marlin caught weighed in at 1402 pounds. It was captured by
Paulo Amorim off Vitoria, Brazil on February 29, 1992. According to Paulo, it took him
nearly 80 minutes to haul it in.

Paulo, a long time fisherman, said he had seen more than a few big fish but nothing
quite like this. He also pointed out that he didn’t expect anything different that day
although when he started hauling in the fish he knew he caught something big.

While there are a lot of other reportedly bigger marlins, this is the only one that has
been officially measured. There have been other blue marlins said to weigh in at 1560
pounds, but these have not been verified. The same is true with other reported big fish
because unless the fish has been measured, estimates are considered unreliable.

5. The biggest Bluefin Tuna ever caught weighed in at 1496 pounds. The fish was
captured off Nova Scotia back in October 26, 1979. Because of the size of the fish,
it wasn’t immediately declared and had to be measured first before the figures were
released to the public.

The tuna was captured by Ken Fraser and he became famous for it, even writing a book
about his exploits. There’s a reason why a lot of people are impressed though, and
that’s because the typical Bluefin is typically just 6 ft. long. It has been reported that
some Bluefin tuna can reach up to 1508 lbs., but none have been captured.

Although Nova Scotia is home to a lot of big fish, none of them have even come close
to this in terms of size, at least not yet, although the place continues to draw a lot of
fishermen and anglers.

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