• March 2, 2018

Top 10 Bar Tricks to Get RICH OFF OF

Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! “Wanna make a friendly wager?” It’s a dangerous inquiry you’ll want to keep clear of, especially if you’re tossing back a pint in your local pub. Anyone that offers a wager likely has a trick up their sleeve, an ace-in-the-hole that will guarantee their win. Now, if you’d like to be the one offering the bet, just try any of these top ten bar tricks you’re bound to make money off of.

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10. Bend a Cigarette without Breaking
9. The Napkin Knot
8. Newspaper Opener
7. Swapping Whiskey
6. The Eight Coins
5. The Coat Test
4. Names from a Hat
3. The Balancer
2. The Leg Lift
1. The Underwater Trick


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18 thoughts on “Top 10 Bar Tricks to Get RICH OFF OF

    1. Glad you noticed! 🙂 We’re actually going to start a new upload schedule starting today.. We’re going to start uploading ever Monday, Thursday and Saturday. We should have our channel banner updated tonight with the new schedule.. Sorry about the confusion!

  1. Who is all having issues watching this video, where the video stops but the audio keeps playing? We’ve never had this happen in over 650 videos.. anyone have an idea?

    1. 123RADIOactive I started having it near the beginning on his intro. It was on his face and his voice continued but the image stuck. Then the image would occasionally jump to another one

    2. Yeah, around #3 or something is when the video suddenly stopped working but the audio is still working. Weird… -_-

      But all I did was tap it back a few seconds to fix this problem.

  2. I liked this video and these are tricks that will be fun to try and doable. Great video. Have you guys considered follow-up videos of intermediate and advanced bar tricks too?

    1. Merrique Richelieu Thanks Merrique! We weren’t considering it at first but it looks like you and a few others would like to see it, so we’ll probably line something up in the coming months!

  3. Those are all terrible! and any bar tricks that require paraphernalia are dumb. Also the leg lift can be done if you have flexible ankles and point your toes out from the wall with your ankle still touching.

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