Top 10 Best Halloween Costumes On Amazon Under $50

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I could be a witch, but wasn’t I one last year? Or, no, last year was sexy nurse. The wife will never let me live that one down. A big pile of feces… I can think of a few people tha… Oh! Don’t mind me, I’m just looking for this year’s Halloween costume! You know, back in the day we used to have to make our own or even resort to flimsy masks, but costumes these days… boy are they complex and abundant! Thankfully, Amazon has no shortage of great Halloween wear and I think I’ve been able to narrow down my top ten favorites!

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10. Morphsuit

9. Legend of Zelda Link

8. Inflatable Feces Emoji

7. Spider-Man Homecoming “Sweats”

6. Pennywise the Clown

5. LEGO Batman

4. Guardians of the Galaxy Star-Lord

3. Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens Kylo Ren

2. MorphCostumes Inflatable “Pick Me Up”

1. Adult Inflatable T-Rex

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14 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Halloween Costumes On Amazon Under $50

    1. I’m going as a reverse gender-swapped Squirrel-girl!. Or a normal average teenage girl that just happens to have a 4 foot tail. i haven’t decided yet.

  1. As a Canadian… Sorry Americans for your new step dad :(, he’s kinda moron, but you gotta put up with him for at least 4 more years, possible 8.. And then you’re all dead… Seriously you could die from him… Sorry

  2. I still make my own costumes. I’ve gotten the outfits for the Second, Fourth, Ninth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors all from thrift stores. Luckily the Doctor looks like he gets all his clothes from one.

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