Top 10 Best Looking Video Game Consoles

Top 10 Coolest Looking Video Game Consoles

Which video game system looks the best on the outside? Which one looks the coolest – visually, aesthetically – sitting in your living room? Forget the graphics, we’re just talking outter design. Are you a fan of the PS2 slim, or the underdog of the century, the beloved Sega Dreamcast? Stick around and see which console Watchmojo fancies the most – in the shallowest terms possible.

00:41 #10: Playstation Portable
01:42 #9: Xbox One S
02:40 #8: Atari 2600 (Wood Veneer Version)
03:35 #7: Wii
04:27 #6: PlayStation 4
05:14 #5: Nintendo GameCube
06:04 #4: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (NTSC Version)
06:54 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Looking Video Game Consoles

  1. im a nintedofan, but have ps too. ps3 is best looking,followed by wiiU.
    Xbox one not far behinde. get the trash atari and sega out of this list.
    ps2 is shit, gamecube looks like awakward box. xbox “won”that gen with

  2. Wow! I do not agree at all. What is the GameCube doing on this list? I got
    the awful Wii just so I wouldn’t have to look at my GC on the TV stand
    anymore. The only Nintendo console that should make this list is the NES.
    But the way you guys fanboy over Zelda on every game list I shouldn’t be
    surprised that you like the SNES’s Fisher Price looks better than the
    Genesis. (BTW I prefer playing the SNES, but Genesis was way prettier)
    Sorry, for ranting mes amis!

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