Yu-Gi-Oh VS Pokemon

Yu-Gi-Oh VS Pokemon

Two titan gaming and anime franchises go head-to-head in this instalment of Watchmojo versus. It’s Pikachu vs Blue Eyes White Dragon, Yugi Muto vs Ash Ketchum, Duel Monsters vs Pocket monsters. We’re finding the answer by comparing the monsters, the trading card games, the anime, the video games, and the cultural impact.
You’ll find mention of Charizard, Dark Magician, Red & Blue, World Wide Edition, Gold & Silver, Forbidden Memories, Exodia, Mewtwo, and so much more.

Yu-Gi-Oh! continues to dominate the TCG scene, but how will it fare against the new Pokemon additions of Sun and Moon, and Pokemon Go? We’ll get to the bottom of it in this video.

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10 thoughts on “Yu-Gi-Oh VS Pokemon

  1. I ACTIVATE MY SPELL CARD! SEAL OF ORICHALCOS….. *insta win for yugioh due
    to all enemies getting wrecked by the oricalchos opness* Face it guys if
    yugioh monsters fought pokemons it would be so bloody the pokemon world
    would be literally either anhilliated by gods or painted red with pokemon

  2. By the way you forgot to mention psp yugioh games like Yugioh Tag Force
    5’ds It was god damn amazing yugioh game, probbably one of the best if it
    didn’t force you to do tag duels most of the time

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