Top 10 Biggest Feuds in Youtube History

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Top 10 Biggest Feuds in Youtube History
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These Youtube fights got nasty. From Jesse Williams vs. RiceGum, to Trisha Paytas vs. ||Superwoman||, to Onision vs. PewDiePie, in-fighting is surprisingly common among famous Youtubers. WatchMojo counts down the top Youtube feuds.

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#10. Jesse Wellens vs. RiceGum
#9. Onision vs. PewDiePie
#8. Trisha Paytas vs. ||Superwoman||
#7. h3h3(Ethan Klein) vs. JoeySalads
#6. Cyr vs. Onision
#5. LeafyIsHere vs. iDubbbzTV
#4. h3h3 vs. LeafyIsHere
#3, #2, #1???

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Biggest Feuds in Youtube History

  1. I was expecting one other feud to be above all others on here… and that is the DramaAlert vs Bashurverse feud, which ended up with Bashur wanting to go take DramaAlert and SkyDoesMinecraft to Court… and ultimately his entire channel and life has been destroyed…

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