• November 16, 2017

Top 5 Surprising Facts About iPhones

Top 5 Surprising Facts About iPhones
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Almost everyone has one apple product, and the iphone seems to be the most popular of the bunch. In this list, we’re awaiting the release of the iphone x and asking big questions like; Was it the first smartphone? What was the original name of the iphone? How many patents does it own? Did the tablet come before the smartphone? How many iphones has apple sold? and many many more!

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10 thoughts on “Top 5 Surprising Facts About iPhones

  1. Sonim XP7. A tad expensive when bought outright, especially if you look only at processing performance (yes it is slower), but has great battery life, does what I need it to do, is intrinsically safe, and is designed to take a beating! Perfect for blue collar workers like me!

  2. Well, I’m disappointed that you missed to fact check.
    Apple (Iphone) only hold on average 14% of the smartphone market while Samsung holds well over 21% on average, your numbers don’t add up. Iphone WAS the largest manufacturer but Samsung sold 23,3% of the phones worldwide in Q1-2017 while Apple only sold 14,7% during Q1-2017. Also note, Huawei is approaching fast and sold 10% of the phones during Q1-2017. As a matter of fact, Apples best result in 2016 was in Q3 with 18.2%.
    Here is the source:
    Also note, Android is dominating the smartphone OS with 68% of he market while IOS only hold 18%. Windows remain at around 10%.
    So, you may like the IPhone but it’s no longer a “super phone”…

  3. What a f**ing joke! I hope that the new Apple TV won’t have a notch on it. It’s a stupid notch. What’s a TV or a theatre screen with an notch? Think about it. Not smart enough.

  4. 1:46 that’s a Note 3, I should know thats the phone that made me leave Apple after owning every Iphone up to the 5. Never going back Apple sucks, My note 8 is a beast.

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