• March 4, 2018

Top 10 Biggest LIES in Gaming History

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Top 10 Biggest LIES in Gaming History
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From Molyneux to multiplayer, these are the little white lies that turned into massive PR disasters. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Biggest Lies in Gaming.

#10. EA’s Free Game Promise
#9. Xbox One Dev Kits
#8. “Killzone 2” Graphics Fakeout
#7. Two Gamepads on the Wii U
#6. PS3 at 120 FPS
#5. Xbox Graphics
#4. “No Man’s Sky” Multiplayer
#3, #2 & #1: ???

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Biggest LIES in Gaming History

  1. #9 Microsoft F A I L S to deliver on xbox one dev kit promise. The narrator then goes on to say “they eventually fulfilled their promise”. I hate people who insult my intelligence

    This is why I unsubscribed from this channel.

  2. Hello games never lied, if you do your research you would know that none of this was concrete in the game, Sean even said not everything is going to be possible in the game at release. They did not achieve their goals in time. They attempted to delay but Sony only delayed it for like a month because the heaps of people were getting impatient. The mistake was made when they revealed it in 2013, if they hadn’t have revealed it in 2013 then the people wouldn’t have been impatient which would have granted them more time to work on the game which means they would have been able to implement some of the features that they didn’t achieve to implement in time. People seem to forget that No Mans Sky was made by a very very very small team. They truly pushed themselves to make their dream game but because of that reveal. They didn’t have time to perfect it. After a year and a half after release, It has most of what they wanted to feature in their game and things they never planned on doing. There’s also another update being worked on this very moment. I find people just hate on No Mans Sky for views up until recently. It’s quite cheap and shallow since most of them haven’t done their research. Yes the game wasn’t what it was ‘supposed’ to be at launch but just grabbing your weapons to go on a witch hunt instead of sitting back and attempting to understand what exactly happened here is shallow minded.

    It’s fair to call the game not good or terrible because that might be your true opinion and that’s fine. But to scream 24/7 ‘No Mans Lie’ ‘Sean Lied’ honestly makes you look like a dumb sheep with no independent mind to actually discover for yourself on what happened.

  3. Killzone 2 wasn’t lied about. The entire teaser campaign was full of disclaimers. Although it looks like gameplay, it never was and never could’ve been at that stage in development.

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