• May 23, 2017

Top 10 Biggest Tech FAILS

Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Isn’t it just exciting when a new technology is released to the public? New gadgets are always fun to get our hands on, but that joy is sometimes short lived. With new tech, there’s always a chance that it will be a big, giant, useless flop, just like these ten high-profile technologies and devices that failed miserably.

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10. Microsoft Zune
9. Google Nexus Q
8. LaserDisc
7. G4 Cube
6. Windows Vista
5. Betamax
4. Hoverboard
2. Google Glass
1. Samsung Note 7


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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Biggest Tech FAILS

  1. I used Windows Vista for five years and although I got a load of errors and bluescreens, I wasn’t that bad. After Service pack 2 was released a lot of fails was fixed and Vista was a lot better to use(but still bad). The best thing about Vista was the design.

  2. Vista is still my favorite OS. The only problem I had was having the first 64 bit processor on the JWU Charlotte campus and their network security software only supported 32 bit OS and browsers. Fortunately, the Providence campus tech department was running trials on a 64 bit program to replace the old one and were able to update the Charlotte servers about 2 days later. Consequently, having had a crash course in it meant I was able to help my friends with bugs and connection issues the following year without them having to wait for the tech department to catch up on service tickets.

  3. Note 7 wasn’t a flop. It was a failed product. By definition, a flop is the one that didn’t sell. This sold like “hot cakes” literally.

  4. hey now, the Laser disc wasn’t all that bad. just because they are 4 times larger in physical size than a DVD and easier to drop and scratch because they were heavier… and just because you can only put 1 hour of low quality video using both sides of a Laser Disc compared to 4 hours of high quality video on one side of a DVD… and just because the Laser Discs were all laminated poorly causing faster oxidation and degradation more quickly than a DVD ever was or ever will. … that doesnt mean Laser Discs were all that bad.
    PS: DVD is actually an anagram… it stands for “Digital Video Disc”. i bet you didnt even know that

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