• November 26, 2017


Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! We can all pretty much agree that the oceans of our world are vast, right? But maybe we don’t quite understand just how large they are until massive monstrosities and gigantic objects start washing up on shore. We’re scouring the beaches of the world in this Archive and finding the top ten largest things ever found on shore!

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10. The Blob of Bonfil Beach
9. Oarfish of California
8. The Muriwai Monster
7. Giant Squids
6. A Yacht
5. Norfolk’s Bumper
4. The Sperm Whale of Hunstanton
3. The Indonesian Whale
2. Long Island’s Whale
1. The Te Waewae Beach Pipe

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12 thoughts on “Top 10 BIGGEST Things FOUND ON SHORE

  1. When i was little i had watched the film Jaws the night before and the next day me and my family were walking along the local beach shore and i thought i saw a severed arm washed up. I ran screaming to my parents and dragged them over to it pointing furiously and found out it was a smallish dead squid.

  2. #4 looked like myself after a Thanksgiving dinner, man I’m blessed with good cooks at every turn in my life, Food is good, God is great !!! Hey Jim, I bet you thought I was going to say it looked like my wife or mother in-law !!
    BTW, keep up the great work Jim, best videos on YouTube !

    1. Narrator says: I’m with you on the Thanksgiving dinner comment … although I did manage to stick with only one plate full, no seconds, but the plate was big and piled really high! Thanks so much for watching and commenting! Help spread the word about the channel!

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