• February 24, 2017

Top 10 Cities That’ll Be UNDERWATER Sooner Than You Think


There are more cities at risk of disappearing underwater than you may think. Whether it’s famously at-risk American cities like New York, Miami and New Orleans, cities with canals like Amsterdam and Venice or other major destinations like Kolkata or Shanghai, these cities could be under water within decades. WatchMojo counts down ten cities that will be underwater because of climate change.

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00:40 #10: New York, USA
01:30 #9: Abidjan, Ivory Coast
02:07 #8: Amsterdam, Netherlands
02:57 #7: Kolkata, India
03:46 #6: Miami, USA
04:26 #5: Shanghai, China
05:18 #4: Venice, Italy
06:03 #3, #2 & #1 ????

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12 thoughts on “Top 10 Cities That’ll Be UNDERWATER Sooner Than You Think

    1. It is all about fear mongering… the facts (the data acquired by the scientists themselves!) is pretty clear about it…the problem is just the average man will not be able to read it accurately. 97% agreeing on a point on natural phenomena should have all alarm bells ringing! Independent scientists (ones NOT founded by pro-global warming governments) will tell you a complete different story…the story about the upcoming ice-age which perfectly fits the data of the IPCC is far more reliable since it contains proven FACTS of historical ice ages. Are we poluting the Earth? Absolutely! Does CO2 have anything to do with global warming…. only as far as it is actually stalling a next ice-age. Oh well CNN and WAPO will tell us otherwise anyway… one has to start doing their own research… not on global warming but the “follow the money” strategy. Also the Earth rotates…and anyone with some idea of physics can tell you the vast majority of the extra water will surround the equator…simply because the Earth is spinning. The African deltas would be badly hit…not Amsterdam or New York. San Francisco is in much more danger because of the tectonic plates…which are one of the causes for global warming (changing ocean-streams).

  1. everyone is just accepting that all this will happen in the future but it’s not to late, if we get our shit together and actually do something we can solve this i know it

  2. The issue is that the cultures from 3rd world countries are pumping out 5 kids when they can barely afford 1, so not only is this overpopulating the planet its overpopulating it with uneducated leeches.

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