• August 27, 2018

Top 10 Coolest Ancient Warrior Weapons

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Top 10 Coolest Ancient Warrior Weapons
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Modern artillery may pack a bigger punch, but these old school tools are truly something to marvel at. From flaming arrows, to Greek fire, these are some of the most interesting weapons from history. WatchMojo is counting down the coolest weapons ever used by ancient warriors.

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#10. Flaming Arrows
#9. Atlatl (SpearThrower)
#8. Flail
#7. Twin Hooks
#6. Qiang
#5. Scissor
#4. Greek Fire
#3, #2 & #1???

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14 thoughts on “Top 10 Coolest Ancient Warrior Weapons

  1. To learn more about the details of art’s greatest masterpieces, visit Sotheby’s YouTube channel and subscribe! . For more on the secret details behind history’s greatest works of art, check out the Anatomy of an Artwork series.

  2. Not a single mention of the Urumi? You know that Indian sword which has about two dozen blades attached to it with a variation which has 32 and is ment to be dual wielded meaning you will have 64 blades and you actually are able to right with. Like wtf.

  3. You people are so ignorant. You’ll have taken weapons which have appeard in main stream media only and haven’t even researched. Bhramastra should have been #1 as per research which was in ancient hindu text of mahabharata the greatest war in history of mankind and atom bomb was inspired from Bhramastra as robert oppenheimer the creator of atom bomb stated a line from vedas , a quote by lord vishnu.

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