• February 24, 2018

Top 10 Creatures From NATIVE AMERICAN Mythology

Hey YouTube, Jim Here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Before the states were United, the lands of America were home to tribes of natives known for their ability to live off the land and the incredible stories they passed down. Within these tales roamed mythological beasts, imposing brutes and fiends ripped from fantasies and nightmares that we’ve sifted through to present in this Archive of the top ten creatures from Native American mythology.

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10. Aniwye
9. Windigo
8. Basket Ogress
7. Chenoo
6. Oniate
5. Wuchowsen
4. Water Babies
3. Shampe
2. Swamp Woman
1. Rolling Heads

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11 thoughts on “Top 10 Creatures From NATIVE AMERICAN Mythology

  1. Can’t get enough of that dark molasses velvet voice of yours!
    Challenge: bet you can read the dictionary and still have a rapt audience!
    I also adore the informational content, so much so, that I frequently rewatch your shows.thanks!!

  2. Seriously? No mention of the Wendigos and their cannibalistic origins? That’s their whole point! A person, in winter, eats the flesh of another person for survival and either turns into a wendigo as a curse, or is actually possessed by a wendigo spirit. They’ll hunt and kill continually without the ability to be filled, some even grow in proportion to the meal they ate rendering it useless in their stomach. The only thing that can stop them is warrior or shaman of great spiritual power. In the end, they’re meant to symbolize and warn of the dangers of cannibalism and greed during winter times.

  3. Really? That’s the version of the Wendigo you went with? Not the eternally hungry beast that eats the flesh of men? It can possess people that dare consume human flesh and serves as a warning to those who find themselves in dire straights to NOT kill and eat their travel companions. Some say that it grows with each meal so that it will never be full. A wendigo could therefore be the size of a tree if it has eaten enough.

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