• October 11, 2017

Top 10 CREEPY Moments Caught on a Baby Monitor

Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome top Top10Archive! Believe it or not, those innocent looking monitors we use to keep track of our tiny tots can be a form of nightmare fuel. From hush whispers to unusual imagery, baby monitors have spawned a collection of spooky moments, and we’re delivering the ten best right now!

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10. Sounds from the Other Side
9. Robbing the Cradle
8. The Devil Made Him Do It
7. The Unseen Friend
6. Daddy’s Looking for You
5. Black-Eyed Baby
4. Yates Family Specter
3. A Friend for Sebastian
2. Words of Discouragement
1. The Possession of Connor

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13 thoughts on “Top 10 CREEPY Moments Caught on a Baby Monitor

  1. was watching this last night before bed, got too spooked and now i finished the vid cause curiosity kind of wins over my own fear for horror stoof XDDDD

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