• June 3, 2017

Top 10 DC Extended Universe Moments

Top 10 DC Extended Universe Moments // Subscribe: // TIMESTAMPS BELOW
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While each of the three first films in the DC Extended Universe, or DCEU, from Man of Steel, to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, to Suicide Squad, have been met with both excitement and criticism by fans, there’s no denying that each film delivered some incredible moments. We have no doubt that the upcoming Wonder Woman and Justice League films will continue to bring us memorable and exciting comic book moments to life on the big screen. These are the moments that have defined the DC Extended Universe.

00:29 #10: First Flight – Man of Steel
01:14 #9: Bruce Wayne to the Rescue in Metropolis – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
02:02 #8: Superman vs. Faora – Man of Steel
02:53 #7: Superman Destroys the World Engine – Man of Steel
03:36 #6: The Birth of Harley Quinn – Suicide Squad
04:23 #5: Superman vs. Zod – Man of Steel
05:20 #4: Batman Fights Superman – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
06:18 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 DC Extended Universe Moments

  1. Fuck what the “critics” says about the DCEU, I fucking love this goddamn universe ! All the movies have amazing photography and EPIC soundtracks, just listen to Flight of Man of Steel, and all the cast is fantastic.
    Man of Steel have some of the best fights scenes I’ve ever seen, BvS have some epic fights scenes too and THE best Batman of cinema. Suicide Squad was great, Harley was awesome and Wonder Woman was wonderful.
    DC you have all my love since I was 6 years old

  2. They should had kept Nolan’s trilogy in the Universe as part of it, it even connects well with everything… hell, the first movie was named Batman BEGINS for fuck sake…

  3. What I’ve learnt from watching all DCEU movies (except suicide squad and including Wonder Woman) is that if u give Zack Snyder a pen he can write you a masterpiece. But take that pen away from him and give him a camera well….
    Bare in mind I’m not talking about visuals here

  4. Frank Miller’s _Dark Knight Returns_ isn’t “mature,” it’s an adolescent’s edgy power fantasy with undertones of fascism. The idea that brooding, amoral wangst-fests are the equivalent of maturity is precisely the problem with the Snyderverse, and why everyone eventually realized that Frank Miller is an overhyped, misogynistic man-child.

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