• April 21, 2017

Top 10 Facts Burger King DOESN’T Want You To Know

Welcome to Top10Archive! We turn to fast food not for a quality meal in a fine-dining establishment, but for something that’s quick, easy, and cheap. It’s no secret that fast food chains like Burger King cut corners to deliver this, but it’s possible that things are worse than you expected. So the next time you get the craving for chicken fries – consider these ten little factoids that the King of Burgers has been keeping from you.

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10. The Feet in the Lettuce
9. Condom King!
8. Flattering McDonald’s Menu
7. The First Attack Ad
6. The Satis-Failure
5. Microwaved Burgers
4. BK Saved RDJ
3. Shut Down by McD’s
2. Horsemeat Burgers
1. McDonald’s is Still the King


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12 thoughts on “Top 10 Facts Burger King DOESN’T Want You To Know

  1. Top10Archive Why would you put other people in a financial struggle by extorting them thousands of dollars I hope you get put into prison

    Sincerely A subscriber of BlastphamousHD TV
    p.s. I unsubscribed you probably dont care and disliked it just because your an ass.

  2. Arguing which fast food place is best is like arguing which terminal disease is best. At the end of the day you still shit yourself to death

  3. In Ontario Canada , Burger King still add grub larva to their beef . They’ve been doing it since the 70’s . I found out back then and that’s why I was violently sick when I ate the burger there .

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