Top 10 Fairy Tail Moments (Featuring Todd Haberkorn!)

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We’re teaming up with Todd Haberkorn, the kick-ass voice of Natsu Dragneel, to bring you our picks for the greatest Fairy Tail Scenes. From tear jerking reunions, to cataclysmic battles, this shonen series has brought us some of the most iconic episodes in modern anime. With the new season on the horizon, join us as we recount some of the greatest moments of Fairy Tail, alongside this Voice Actor Superstar!

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01:00 #10. Laxus Returns
01:57 #9. Mirajane Goes She-Devil
02:50 #8. Reunited
03:33 #7. Fairy Law
04:27 #6. Dragon Force
05:21 #5. Natsu vs. Gildarts
06:23 #4. Lisanna Returns
07:07 #3, #2, #1: ???

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12 thoughts on “Top 10 Fairy Tail Moments (Featuring Todd Haberkorn!)

    1. LabyLovesDolls
      Oh yeah… so cool… Their just pulling a Screen Junkies because their subscriber count is plummeting faster than shit goes down the toilet…

  1. Just wait for the finale season! More epicness to come.

    Best op and nostalgic:

    Fairy where you going
    Hikari zenbu atsumete kimi no ashita terasu yo
    Oh yeah
    Kikoeten no kakonokoe wa
    Oh yeah
    Karetatte sakebukara
    Oh Yeah
    Kikoeru made kimi no kokoro ga
    Oh yeah Oh yeah
    Tsuki to taiyou no HAITACCHI
    Wasure monowa nai desu ka
    Okashii na kimi ga inai to
    Hoshii mono sae mitsukaranai
    Snowing sunao ni egao ni nare tano wa
    Futari yoriso ni kasaneotta jikan ga aru kara
    Fairy where you going
    Hikari zenbu atsumete kimi no ashita terasu yo

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