Top 10 Fan Theories That Were Right

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Top 10 Fan Theories That Were Right
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Talk about stranger than fan fiction! From Stan Lee’s cameos, to Quentin Tarantion’s universe, to Negan’s kill count, these fan theories turned out to be true. WatchMojo counts down ten fan theories that were right.

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#10: Bernard Is a Version of Arnold
#9: Humanity Got the Word “Doctor” from the Doctor
#8: Negan Kills 2 People Instead of 1
#7: Chuck Is God
#6: Why Klingons Have Forehead Ridges
#5: Stan Lee’s Cameos Are All the Same Character
#4: All of His Movies Are Connected
#3, #2 & #1???

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Fan Theories That Were Right

  1. How about the theory that Vernon Dursley actually killed Harry’s parents so he could collect on a “double indemnity” life insurance policy, That night, Voldemort had already been defeated by baby Harry, and the Potters were only stunned, Uncle Vernon slipped in and finished Harry’s parents off, ensuring he got the insurance money…

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