10 Cities That Could Be Wiped Out By 2020

As time goes by, the risk of natural disasters gets ever greater around the world, whether it’s from volcanoes, earthquakes or sinking below sea level. From LA to Manilla, there’s 10 Cities That Could Be Wiped out by Natural Disasters.

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10 thoughts on “10 Cities That Could Be Wiped Out By 2020

  1. Once Bangkok fully sinks, Thailand is stuffed. Bangkok is the most modern and populous city in Thailand and once that’s gone, millions of people will have to move elsewhere and no more tourists will be able to visit because every other runway in Thailand is too short for jumbo jets. Bangkok is the lifeline of Thailand, the heart and once it sinks, so does the rest of Thailand.

  2. When the year 2020 arrives, none of these events will happen at these scopes. You will have your usual small earthquakes, fires, floods, etc that happen every year, but this video is just Fear mongering. 👩‍👧

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