• June 24, 2017

Top 10 Greatest Hockey Players of All Time – The Lineup SEASON FINALE!

Top 10 Greatest Hockey Players of All Time – The Lineup SEASON FINALE! Subscribe: Photographs courtesy of Getty Images
The Lineup is a sports panel game show with a WatchMojo twist!
This is it– the list this has all been leading up to… On this episode, our guests battle it out on their way to creating their lists of the BEST HOCKEY PLAYERS EVER! Who will make the cut for their Top 10 lists? Sidney Crosby? Alex Ovechkin? Rocket Richard? Bobby Orr? Our guests on this episode include radio personalities Andrew Carter and Pete Marier, comedian Chantal Desjardins, and Canadian Oyster Shucking CHAMPION Daniel Notkin.

Special thanks to host Adam Reed and director Manny Sienna for helping make The Lineup happen!

Tell us in the comments which team you thought created the better list!
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