• April 29, 2017

Top 10 Greatest Late-Round NHL Draft Picks – The Lineup Ep. 4

Top 10 Greatest Late-Round NHL Draft Picks – The Lineup Ep. 4
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The Lineup is a sports panel game show with a WatchMojo twist! On this episode, our guests battle it out on their way to creating their lists of the greatest late-round draft picks in NHL history. Who will they choose? Henrik Lundqvist? Brett Hull? Pavel Bure? It’s hard to believe those NHL superstars were drafted so late– in a fantasy sports draft, they’d be first rounder for sure– but they were!

Host Adam Reid is joined by former NHL enforcer Georges Laraque, WatchMojo Editor in Chief Ashkan Karbasfrooshan, CEO of Play the Future Andy Nulman and radio host Andrew Carter on this must-see installment of The Lineup!

WARNING: MATURE CONTENT. This episode contains profanity. Viewer discretion advised.

Tell us in the comments which team you thought created the better list!
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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Greatest Late-Round NHL Draft Picks – The Lineup Ep. 4

  1. Whoever picked those players that got drafted might be stupid. Literally forgetting players that changed teams completely and made them successful.

  2. Didnt like the guy with Laraque, was gonna find his name but he isn’t worth those 30 seconds, cocky and full of himself, yea so were team blue at times, but the air of superiority he had and the attitude that he was smarter than everyone else was just disrespectful in my opinion.

  3. Please stop making episodes for the really dumb show it was a really bad idea to make a hockey game show I really don’t understand what you we’re thinking when you decided to make you game show about hockey of all things.

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