• May 14, 2017

Top 10 Greatest Team Canada Players of All Time – The Lineup Ep. 9

Top 10 Greatest Team Canada Players of All Time – The Lineup Ep. 9 Subscribe:
Welcome to The Lineup, the only game show with a zamboni crew! On this episode our guests compete to complete the best Top 10 list of the Greatest Team Canada Players of All Time. HOCKEY. It’s Canada’s Game (the 2015-2016 NHL season was actually the first time that Canadians didn’t comprise at least 50% of the players in the league) so it’s no wonder that Team Canada has historically dominated international competitive hockey. Who’ll make appearances? Larry Robinson? Bendan Shanahan? Jonathan Toews? Mike Bossy? Martin Brodeur Wayne Gretzky? Guy LaFleur? Joe Sakic? Mark Messier? Bobby Orr? With such a Legendary pool of talent to draw on, establishing the 10 best Team Canada players of all time might be a tall order, but that’s exactly what our teams intend to do on this episode of the The Lineup.

Our guests this week include Simon Peacock, Voice Director for Ubisoft Games, Rodrigo Vergara VR Evangelist and MC for the Rogers Hometown Hockey Tour on Sportsnet, Actor Mark A. Krupa and professional comedian Steve Nash!!!

Tell us in the comments which team you thought created the better list!
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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Greatest Team Canada Players of All Time – The Lineup Ep. 9

  1. If you are doing junior teams, just saying, you missed a lot of key players a la Patrice Bergeron (MVP of the best world junior team of all time in 2005) and Jordan Eberle (arguably the greatest player for Canada world junior). Maybe some partial bias on the first, but was legitimately shocked by no Eberle.

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