• August 11, 2018

Top 10 Hulk Hogan Matches of All Time

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The Immortal Hulkster has had a multitude of iconic matches in his time, but these are his very best. From clashes with The Rock at wrestlemania to his legendary bodyslam on Andre the Giant and even his heated rivalry with Randy Machoman Savage, we’re looking at everything from his incredible career. Though Terry Bollea has faced a lot of controversy in recent years, we’re celebrating the character, his accomplishments, and how he shaped many people’s childhood. What’s your favourite match from Hogan’s wrestling tenure? let us know in the comments!

List Rank and Entries:
#10. vs. Sgt. Slaughter
#9. vs. Mr. McMahon
#8. w/ Randy “Macho Man” Savage vs. Ted DiBiase and Andrè the Giant
#7. w/ Mr. T vs. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff
#6. vs. The Ultimate Warrior
#5. vs. Brock Lesnar
#4. vs. Shawn Michaels
#3, #2, #1: ???

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13 thoughts on “Top 10 Hulk Hogan Matches of All Time

  1. So no Hogan vs Sheik, plus you have Brock vs Hogan above Warrior vs Hogan? What are you guys smoking? Lol Vs Sheik, that was the beginning of the Hulkamania! And the Warrior match is so iconic and epic, that Warrior right now is haunting you at this very moment right next to you like “WTF!!!!!!!!” And the Andre body slam is thee single most game changing, most important piece of history EVER in wrestling, honestly it should have been number 1, sorry. The rock match was up there but that was an old, washed up Hogan! Like c’mon man, nobody at your office is at least 30-33 years old? Hogan vs Andre live was like Pac vs Mayweather, the world stopped to watch that match. I guess u gotta be there to understand.

    Rant over lol

  2. How are you gonna pretend that weak ass match with the Rock was Hogans best match ever? The Andre The Giant match MADE Hogan. THAT was his best match. But to tell the truth I once saw a match on a Saturday morning wrestling show back in the 80s. Hulk Hogan VS Don Muraco. It was a non-title match and Muraco won. But it was one of the best Hogan matches I have ever seen. Wrestlemania worthy I thought.

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