• September 13, 2016

Top 10 Iconic Magazine Covers

Top 10 Iconic Magazine Covers

What makes a memorable magazine cover? Is it celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon or Bill Clinton? Should it be a shocking magazine cover featuring the September 11th attacks? Or is a picture of the moon landing enough? WatchMojo chooses between magazines like TIME, LIFE, National Geographic, Rolling Stone and, of course, Playboy to see which have given us the most recognizable and famous magazine covers.

01:06 #10: “M” [aka “Oh my God – we hit a little girl.”] (1966) – Esquire
01:58 #9: “View of the World from 9th Avenue” (1976) – The New Yorker
03:01 #8: Bill Clinton (2000) – Esquire
04:05 #7: 9/11 (2001) – TIME
05:09 #6: John and Yoko (1981) – Rolling Stone
06:22 #5: “More Demi Moore” (1991) – Vanity Fair
07:12 #4: Marilyn Monroe (1953) – Playboy
08:06 #3, #2 & #1

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  1. seriously watchmojo, since when the fuck that we human ever landed on the
    moon, get your fucking fact right or don’t do any shit false shit like this
    again, cause you’ve made us the human being look like an idiot

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