• September 13, 2016

Hillary Clinton Pneumonia Diagnosis: 3 Facts

Hillary Clinton Pneumonia Diagnosis: 3 Facts

Hillary Clinton was seen fainting at a 9/11 memorial event. Hillary Clinton: Dead or Alive? A lot of people have been asking that on Google. Well, the Meme Queen and presidential candidate is still alive, she just has a case of Pneumonia. A lot of people want to know “how old is Hillary Clinton” ? Well she’s 68 years old, technically a senior citizen, so it’s not surprising that she may be experiencing a few medical problems.

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10 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Pneumonia Diagnosis: 3 Facts

  1. WatchMojo your full of shit! she’s not sick she’s not sick she’s not sick
    she’s not sick she’s not sick she’s not sick she’s not sick.- democrats
    January to August 2016

    Hillary get well soon and it’s OK that she’s sick fdr was sick for his
    presidency- democrats September 2016

    lol gotta love stupidity

  2. Before the pneumonia diagnostic the hillary clinton’s campaign claim that
    she left because of overheating. You forgot to add that info into the

  3. Whenever Hillary says something is a vast right winged conspiracy, you can
    pretty much guess it’s true. Pretty much everything she’s ever claimed to
    be a conspiracy, including her health, always turn out to be true.

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